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Revolutionary retail delivery aggregator platform

About DeliverEase

The most advanced Digital retail as a service platform, that is one of its kind which enables any retail business, irrespective of their industry. We automate and manage the entire business from ecommerce website/app, POS, Payment gateway, inventory management, delivery services, accounting and also supplier/procurement automation.

About Vikreta

A Digital retail as a Platform service. Vikreta is one of its kind with no other competition where it brings all facets of a retail service to the fore. It seamlessly integrates in-store management and digital store management into one centralized platform that also integrates seamlessly to upstream systems like resellers and aggregators., while also integrated with suppliers and product market places.

The Most Advanced digital retail PaaS

FMCG Sales Analytics PaaS

About Sellintel

Sales Analytics as a service application, that identifies, tracks, and analyzes retailer sales campaigns and promotions. SellIntel provides insights into how sales campaigns are run in-store, online, and through pamphlets. While providing information accuracy, compliance and competitor share of features and total share of features/promotions in the entire industry.

Intelli Hire

The one-stop Intelligent hiring and screen platform, which automates and brings transparency to the hiring process. Employers to potential hiring, Intelli Hire enables visual profiles and independent technical assessments to select the best fit for any job in your organization.

Most Intuitive Talent Hiring Platform

Collaborative Project Management and Material Market place for Real Estate

Intelli Build

In the current residential and commercial real estate development, there are multiple stakeholders. From builders to architects to interior designers, they have to design and manage projects while implementation team members and skilled workers need a platform to collaborate and manage projects with real time sensory data. Intelli Build was designed to directly address these issues. From hiring and skilled worker market place, we provide a simple to use and a great user experience where data is collected and reported in real time.

Intelli Fleet

Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) service providers need a ERP that will cater to their specific business processes. Intelli Fleet enables NEMT business to operate with autonomy. Right from intelligent Fleet management, intuitive Driver management, Automated Ride scheduling, Detailed accounting and billing along with advanced business and booking website along with mobile apps for inter operability. We have helped a business transform with tripling their profitability within 6 months of implementation.

Inteligent Medical Transport ERP solution

Future proofing marketing and promotion communication


A disruptive marketing product, which will revolutionize the way businesses implement promotional campaigns. We bring geospatial, social networking, voice of customer and direct marketing together to provide a direct-to-target customer channel with a social cause of saving paper. We bring the retail business closer to their target consumer and make it more relevant and interactive

Celebrity App

Celebrity SaaS application that enables celebrities to be able to easily manage all their content and activities in a seamless experience to their fans/followers. It enables the followers to have a aggregated information about the celebrity from all social media and other digital sources. Celebrity appearance calendars to activities and all content. Celebrities will have one simple centralized platform to distribute their content to all media channels, which will accelerate their follower engagement.

Celebrity Fan aggregator and market place mobile app